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SOS Drop Ship Program
 SOS Drop Ship  Program

SOS Eyewear Drop Ship Program

SOS Eyewear Drop Ship Program

Thank you for your interest in our Drop Ship Program. Our program is designed specifically for on line retailers and catalog houses.

Fashion Tech Eyewear and SOS Eyewear are looking for established website companies to partner up with in the selling and marketing of our products. With the SOS Retail Internet Drop Shipping Program, you will have exclusive access to hundreds of Sport and Fashion Sunglass styles. With no inventory to warehouse your profit potential is unlimited. We work hard for and support our Drop Shippers; providing you and your customers with excellent products and unbeatable customer service.

Drop Shipping Overview
(Drop Shipping is a simple process)
  • You select the products from our online site
  • You post the Retail Prices we maintain for all accounts
  • You sell the product to your customer and charge them for Shipping
  • You collect the payment from the customer and process their Credit Card
  • You order on-line from us with their name and address as the Ship To and your information as the Bill To
  • We charge you 60% of the Retail Price plus S&H using your Credit Card.
  • One time registration fee

    (For your security, we always match it to the one on file)
  • We ship the item directly to your customer
  • We handle all product returns and Guarantee claims
SOS Eyewear Drop Shipping Benefits
  • IN-STOCK INVENTORY Our large product inventory provides your customer with as many style choices as you choose to present, with no backorders if you keep up with our notifications of styles to “turn off”.

  • PAYMENT ACCEPTED - We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - We provide friendly customer service and care.
  • RETURNS: We handle all customer returns and exchanges

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Drop Shipping?
Drop Shipping is when a Company ships their product directly to your customers based on orders you receive and then transmit us via www.soseyewear.com/. You do not purchase or invest money for merchandise until you have sold the item and received payment from your customer. You would then place your order with us via our website, www.SOSEyewear.com utilizing our secure shopping cart so that we may then ship the order to your customer on your behalf. This allows you to sell a broad range of products with little investment. With no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain you can focus on building your customer base. If you can bring the traffic to your site, the profit potential is unlimited.

Who can be a Drop Shipper?
Our company enables companies who maintain a Website that a) accurately represents products and b) sells them at our Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, to carry our Sunglasses and other Eyewear products. Of course it makes sense that your site in some way relates to the products you sell, but Sunglasses appeal to Men and Women in Fashion and Sport categories across a broad spectrum of interests. The only requests we will deny will be those wishing to place our Sunglasses on Auction sites (eBay for example) where the product is sold at a price below our posted MSRP. Our MAP (Manufacturer's Advertised Price) strategy keeps the playing field level and allows our Retail stores, Wholesale accounts and other Drop Shippers, to make a fair profit on sales of our product.

Will my customers know where the products come from?
Each order is sent to the address you request when you make your payment for the items. Your customer’s purchase is packaged in a plain shipping box. If you have emailed one to us, we will include your invoice in the package. While we do not include any sales related information from our company in the package, the customer will receive their Lifetime Replacement Guarantee with our contact information. For insurance purposes the return label may read for example: SOS Distribution Center and our warehouse address in California. Your customer will never be shown your confidential pricing information, or any information on ordering directly from Survival Optics. Customers that are entered with your account number remain your customers.

What Payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We can also accept Checks and Money Orders, but they significantly delay the order and shipping process. Credit Card shipments ship immediately upon approval of the transaction.

Is there a minimum order amount?
No. We only request that you place each customer’s order separately by Ship To address.

How is the merchandise shipped?
Your customer’s order will be shipped by The US Postal Service, USPS. Please read the section on Shipping to see our current rates for Domestic and International Shipping. These are the amounts that will be added to your product costs.

How do I handle returns?
If your customer is not satisfied with their purchase they can return the merchandise, within 7 days, to the address listed on the label in its original packaging. We ask that you require your customer to acquire a Return Authorization Number in advance and that they pay the return postage and request a “Proof Of Delivery” receipt from the carrier they choose. We cannot be held responsible for any returns that are lost in transit. We will credit your account once we receive the item. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Claims are handled differently, and your customer will deal directly with Hi-Def Optics to get replacements.

Is there a set retail price I must charge?
To insure a fair and level playing field for all participants, and to protect our Retail Store accounts, we do require you to sell our products for no less than our listed retail price. You set the Shipping and Handling fees you want to charge, keeping in mind that we charge you at the rates we have established, to cover shipping and packaging the orders.

While we intend to notify you of any price changes, it is a good habit for you to compare your retails monthly to make sure they are still the same as ours.

How do I know what products are in stock?
Our website is kept up-to-date. We recommend you check our site once per week and compare it to yours. If a style is not shown, it means it is either temporarily out of stock or discontinued. When you place an order, if the color or style you are ordering is not available, the item will show as out of stock.

Is there a membership fee and is it refundable?
Although we do require a $50.00 registration and commitment fee, we do not charge fee's per order for this incredible opportunity to be in business for yourself.

How do I contact Survival Optics for more information?
We pride ourselves on our fast response time. Our contact information is listed below. Please feel free to contact us so that one of our customer service representatives may assist you with complete details.

Our Drop Ship Program is designed specifically for on-line stores and catalog sales only. We are not accepting auction or "brick and mortar" Drop Ship Accounts.

Due to the enormous response to our Drop Ship program, we are currently only accepting Email requests for information. We will send you all of the information necessary to apply for, and set up, your Drop Ship account.

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