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Motorcycle Eyewear
Motorcycle Eyewear

SOS Gripz Rider™ Performance Sunglasses feature Lightweight, Shatter Proof DuraLite™ Polycarbonate Lenses that will shield your eyes from Sun, wind and debris while blocking out the Full Spectrum of Harmful UV Radiation and significantly reduce Eye Drying Infrared Radiation too.

Durable Grilamid TR90 CSF: Composite Shock Frames™ are formulated to hold their shape and hug your head even in the most extreme conditions. Gripz Rider™ frames incorporate Wrap-Around styling that functions to shield your eyes from peripheral glare and brightness.

Depending on the style, Easy Touch™ cushioned Temple Tips and Nose Bridges, adjustable elasticized Goggle Straps and special Air Venting Systems, are combined to offer safety and long wearing comfort.

All Survival Optics Sunglasses™ are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and be a lasting reminder that you have selected the best.

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SOS GRIPZ TECHNICAL INFO         SOS Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles

For over a century protective Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles have been used by Motorcyclists to reduce glare and protect their eyes from damaging sun, wind and debris.

Today, not only are there more Motorcycles on the road than ever before, but Bicyclists who either Bike for exercise, race for the challenge or choose to ride to work as an environmentally correct alternative to driving, are adopting the Motorcycle Eyewear style and protective features as well.

As a result, the popularity of protective Motorcycle Eyewear has increased dramatically and new advances in frame and lens technology are upgrading and improving the selection and available options.

SOS DuraLite™ Polycarbonate lenses are not only thinner and lighter in weight than traditional plastic or glass lenses, but in every tint, including our CrystalVision™ Clear lens option, they also offer Full Spectrum Ultraviolet (UV) protection and block out the Infrared Radiation, responsible for dry and scratchy eyes. DuraCoat™ scratch resistance helps keep the lenses optically clear.

Favored by those who travel the Highways and Byways, DuraLight™ Polycarbonate Lenses are virtually Shatter Proof and impact resistant. This extra toughness also makes them the lenses of choice for Extreme Sport Sunglasses and Safety Eyewear.

SOS Motorcycle Sunglasses™ and Motorcycle Goggles Feature:

PCX: Xtreme Polycarbonate Lenses™ that are Shatter-Proof and 35 times stronger than Glass or CR-39 Plastic Lenses

DuraCoat™ Scratch-Resistance built into every Sunglass lens to keep vision clear and true

Lightweight CSF: Composite Shock Frames™ to absorb punishment and provide ultimate durability and flexibilty

Easy Touch™ Non-slip Cushioned Temple Tips and Nose Bridges provides motion & bounce stability.

Wrap-Around Designs with face hugging Ergonomic engineering that provides maximum sunglass coverage and protection from sun, wind and debris both from the front and from the sides

All SOS Gripz Eyewear™ is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to ensure you of a lifetime of satisfaction.